Polerform Bottoms

Polerform offers two different leg lengths: booty and cheeky; and three different waist heights: low, medium, and high.

Our Booty Shorts are our longest bottoms.  They have a “booty” length leg, meaning the shorts cover most, if not all, of the booty on most people.  The inseam on the shorts is approximately 1.5” to 2”, depending on size. These shorts also have a mid rise waist.  They hit just below the belly button on most people.

By comparison, our Cheeky Shorts are the shortest bottoms that we currently carry. They have an approximately .75” to 1” inseam. These bottoms are cut higher on the back and the sides than our Booty Shorts.  They are meant to show off much more of one’s booty. These shorts have a low rise waistband.  They sit at the hip bones, several inches below the belly button.

High Waist Cheekies, have the same leg length as the Cheeky Shorts but with a high waist.  They are our “tallest” shorts.  Left unfolded, the waistband sits a couple inches above the belly button. The waistband is designed so that it is able to be folded down if desired.


Please consult the measurement chart for sizing questions. Most of our fabrics are very stretchy and will eventually lose a little bit of their elasticity after repeated wash and wear. If you are between sizes, size down on bottoms and size up on tops.

Measuring oneself can be a bit of a mystery!  “Where do I measure? How tight should I have the tape? What do I do with these numbers??” The struggle is real.  To help with measurement confusion, we have included a measuring guide! Follow where the graphic says to measure and you will be well on your way to some new fitness wear. The tape should be snug but not cutting into your skin.

For bottoms, if your waist says one size, but your hips say a different one, well, as Shakira says the hips don’t lie. Choose your hip size.


To keep your Polerform clothes looking their best, either hand wash your items or use the delicate cycle on your washing machine.  Always wash in cold water. Hang to dry.  Heat will cause the fabric to lose its structural integrity and wear out much quicker.

It’s our mission to be able to clothe anyone, no matter size or gender.  We do not charge extra for petite or plus sizes. If you do not see your size listed, please contact us.

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