Snake Cheeky Shorts


Low rise waist, high cut legs. These bottoms show more booty than our standard booty shorts.
Shorts are made of polyester/spandex in the fabric pictured. If you are bigger or smaller than the listed measurements please contact us. We custom size and can easily accommodate people of any size.



Are you ready to show a little booty? Try Polerform’s Cheeky Shorts!  They have a high cut leg that allows for some peekage at your cheekage in the back, while still keeping everything covered in the front.  The Cheeky Shorts are low waisted, with the waist band hitting at about the hip bone.

Cheeky Shorts are unisex and look great on people of all genders, but men ordering Cheeky Shorts should consider sizing up.

Polerform’s items are handmade in the USA from imported polyester/spandex fabric.

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